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How LISTO ™ Improves Sales and Operations


Current State

Future State with LISTO

Selling Time

Lost Selling Time – Unsold tickets must be returned to the Lottery Authority prior to the drawing, to prevent fraud. The time required varies between lotteries, depending on geographic, currier coverage, and other logistics factors. It can vary from one to three days. This represents lost selling time. Every minute of lost selling time creates lost revenue. This is especially true because worldwide lottery best practices recognize that customer demand increases exponentially as the drawing period nears.   

Gained Selling Time LISTO Increases the available sell time prior to a draw by a factor of days. This is now possible because tickets can be cancelled at the point of sale or by a distributor so they need not be rushed back to the Lottery prior to the draw. This results in increased selling time directly before the draw, which increases the excitement and can create significant additional sales.

Sales Territory

Lost Sales Territory – Sales are impractical in some geographically remote areas, because pre-sales ticket reclamation is either too costly or too time consuming.

Gained Sales Territory – Sales will now be more practical in geographically remote areas, due to the simplification in ticket distribution and reclamation logistics.

Ticket Run Out

Lost Sales from Ticket Run Out – In many places, distributors are required to purchase tickets from the Lottery with no option to return them. This often causes distributors to purchase less than they can sell because they are reluctant be left holding unsold tickets.  As a result, they run out of tickets before the draw. That means lost sales opportunities. 

Prevents the leading Cause of Ticket Run Out – Since distributors would be able to cancel/deactivate tickets, they would not have to worry about having extra tickets they can’t sell.  As a result they would be more willing to take more inventory and that would prevent them from running out before the draw. That means more sales opportunities. 

Ticket  Accounting

Manual Accounting – All tickets must be inventoried and reconciled with agent sales before being securely destroyed, to ensure every ticked is accounted for. This also lengthens the time needed to suspend sales prior to the drawing. Also, the process lends itself to human error and potential fraud.

Automated Accounting – LISTO automates the activation, selling, accounting, deactivation, and reporting of Traditional lottery games Ticket sales will now be accounted for on a timely, automated basis. Unsold ticket deactivation is also automated. Human error and fraud potential is minimized.

Sales Data

Sales Data is Missing – There is little business intelligence on performance and none of it is automated (e.g. territories, agents, games, best sales days, etc.) Lotteries are missing out on important information that could help them improve their marketing and sales plans.

Sales Data is Rich and generated Automatically – Data mining of sales data will be automated, always current, and geographically-specific (e.g. which territories/distributors/agents are performing the best/worst). This type of automated information will help the Lottery improve its marketing and sales plans.

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