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How LISTO Works

LISTO is a combination of hardware and software at both the Point of Sale (POS) and central system that processes the activation, selling, accounting, deactivation, and reporting of Traditional lottery games.

LISTO is a full-feature lottery gaming engine and application that was designed especially for the Traditional Lottery market. It is easy and cost-effective to implement and can stand alone or be integrated with an existing electronic/online lottery system. For the distributors and agents, POS devices can be as simple as a smartphone or tablet PC running the LISTO POS software. So there is no need for expensive equipment. The central system can either be housed locally or hosted on our remote, secure servers in our data center.

Inventory Management and Physical Accounting are easy with LISTO. With the quick swipe of a scanner running off the POS device, distributors and agents can take into inventory (activate) and remove from inventory (deactivate) lottery ticket sheets and partial sheets. LISTO tracks where every ticket/ticket sheet is throughout its life, from warehouse, to distributor, to agent, back to distributor and warehouse, and finally destroyed. 

Fraud detection and prevention is embedded within the LISTO System and Application. The System will never allow an item to be listed as being in more than one place. All inventory status changes are restricted to authorized users and access is controlled by username and password. You always know where your ticket inventory is.

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