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How Traditional Lottery Tickets Are Sold

Who Sells Traditional Lottery Tickets – Traditional Lottery tickets are typically purchased from dealers/agents that work at or around any number of venues including lottery sales offices, stores, kiosks, institutions such as banks or post offices, and street vendors.

How Tickets are Sold – Traditional tickets are pre-printed, delivered to agents via distributors, and are sold at lottery locations. Tickets come in pre-printed sheets containing sequentially numbered individual tickets that must be detached (similar to a book of stamps). Players may select one ticket, many tickets, or an entire sheet of tickets. Unlike terminal-generated tickets, where the player chooses his numbers, Traditional tickets are pre-printed with numbers so the player chooses tickets from the available inventory held by the particular dealer/agent.

How Winners are Picked – This process is similar to that of a modern on-line lottery and the process varies by local rules. The winning numbers are drawn from the available pool of numbered tickets. Local tradition and rules determine how many winning numbers are selected. Typically there are a small number of large prizes, accompanied by many medium and small winners. Examples include exact match, first or last number(s) match, approximate matches such as numbers directly above and below those drawn, and other creative methods. 

How Unsold Tickets are Secured – Unlike an on-line system where Lotto or numbers tickets are produced on demand, Traditional tickets are pre-printed. Unsold sheets (and partial sheets) of tickets are typically returned by secure currier to the Lottery authority. The authority must be in possession of all unsold tickets prior to the drawing to ensure no tickets are fraudulently sold (i.e. after the drawing has occurred).

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