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  LISTO - Solution to Improve Traditional Lottery   Overview | Traditional Selling | How LISTO Works
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  LISTO ™ – Solution to Improve Traditional Lottery

PPT is constantly watching the lottery and gaming markets, focused on working with gaming entities globally where we can bring our deep lottery experience and knowledge to help grow sales and advance operational effectiveness, whether by improving processes or through technology innovation, or both.

One of the “niche” areas of great interest to PPT is the Traditional or Passive Lottery. As its name states, Traditional Lottery is the original type of lottery and has been played throughout the World for centuries. Each ticket is preprinted (similar to an Instant/scratch ticket) with an assigned number before it is sold. In other words, players do not choose their numbers on their own, nor is their ticket printed at the point of sale (as with online numbers and Lotto games).

Traditional Lottery is still alive and strong, generating about US $24 billion/10% of world wide lottery sales. It is most popular in countries without significant on-line networks and in places where they have a long history and are firmly established within the local culture. Little to no Traditional Lottery can be found within the United States.

LISTO is the Correct Use of Technology

There are some chronic obstacles to improving Traditional Lottery sales, many of which could be removed with the infusion of proven technology. Many of the industry’s technology vendors have in some cases ignored this market segment and in other cases tried to convert Traditional Lotteries into sophisticated and expensive Online Lotteries that were often not successful for different reasons.
PPT understands that successful Traditional Lotteries are worth protecting and improving.

PPT offers a solution that will automate the selling and accounting of Lottery tickets, plus, provide a host of new features to improve the lottery’s sales and operations processes. Our solution is called Lottery Integrated System for Traditional Ordering (LISTO ™).  LISTO is a full-feature Lottery system and application designed especially for the Traditional Lottery market. LISTO is running successfully at thousands of distributor and agent locations worldwide right now. It can run as a standalone system, or be integrated with an existing lottery system.

LISTO Offers Many Important Benefits
Please read on to learn how PPT and LISTO can help make Traditional Lottery more operationally efficient and profitable, while at the same time, not disrupting or alienating the Players and Agents.

LISTO Increases Valuable Selling Time
  • LISTO Removes the Obstacles to Selling

  • With LISTO, You Always Know Where Your Ticket Inventory Is

  • LISTO Does Not Alienate the Agent or Player

Acquiring LISTO

PPT offers a range of options for acquiring LISTO. You can purchase the system outright. You can enter into a “hybrid” arrangement with PPT whereby costs and incremental revenues are shared. We can even offer you an inexpensive, risk-free trial before you make a purchasing decision.


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